Hooked on heroes 

Suddenly I have forgiven tv for the travesty that was "Lost". Dont get me wrong, "Lost" was good, but I always felt like the network was holding a doggie biscuit, just letting us see glimpses of it, knowing we would watch every episode until sweeps week, then they'd toss the biscuit at us, and start it all over again, showing glimpses of another biscuit, knowing we'd sit and beg until the next sweeps. "Lost" felt like 10 sessions of coitus and only at the end of the last one you actually reach orgasm. "Heroes" took everything that was right about "Lost", slapped on comic references and took away what made "Lost" suck. The wait. With heroes, the story is always going foward, and watching the episodes, reading the graphic novels and checking the blogs, finally I have found a tv show worth my attention.